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success story from germany
agosto 19, 2017
Our wedding certificate will be made very soon. We salute your efforts and our thanks.
success story from algeria
agosto 04, 2017
Peace be upon you. I would like to remove my file forever from your site because I found my half and God helped me a lot. My partner asked me to cancel my profile, but I do not know how to do it. Thank you.
success story fromTunisia
agosto 03, 2017
Peace be upon you I want to delete my account because I thanks God and this site I met my husband, thank you
success story from Morocco
agosto 03, 2017
Hello, thank you very much and please delete my profile because i found my life partner. thanks
success story from algeria
agosto 03, 2017
Yes thanks god I met this profile "mahdi sedairia"
success story from UK
julio 30, 2017
Salaam I found a nice match through buzarab . Thanks buzarab JazakAllah Sham
success story from france
julio 28, 2017
I met my partner on the site
success story from Netherlands
julio 16, 2017
Hello everyone I found the right woman for me the one I was looking for long and thank goodness I found her on this site. We got married 6 months now and thank goodness I am stable now I want to thank you infinitely.
success story from USA
julio 10, 2017
Please remove me from your website I found someone on this website
success story from Morocco
julio 03, 2017
Thank you very much Praise and thank God thanks to God and then thanks to this wonderful site I met my other half and now we are married almost a month and we live a happy life of understanding, love and mutual respect and we ask God Almighty to reconcile everyone to this love and satisfaction
success story from morocco
julio 01, 2017
I want to delete my account because I found my life partner thanks to you
success story from algeria
junio 29, 2017
Thank you to all the buzzarab team it was not easy for me but I found my partner thank you for your efforts
success story from sweden
junio 18, 2017
I met my man on your site, we will meet and get married soon. It is true that it was not easy at first but afterwards I thank God for everything.
success story from Italy
junio 17, 2017
salam sir. I want to thank you so much for this site realy my best web site cause i find my wife her jst want one demand you can send me certificat with my name and my wife from your web site my name bouchaib and my wife her name nadia.
success story from algeria
junio 15, 2017
A big thank you for the team of staff buzzarab view that I find my half who was hidden here hhhh! I wish you a good continuation and good work. cordially
success story from morocco
junio 15, 2017
May peace be upon you, I want to thank you on the website and your efforts, I am from Morocco and God has guided me and i got married and founded my family, and I want you to send me my first messages with My wife because we want to keep them if it was possible and I want to thank you infinitely for your site which is very respectable.
success story from Algeria
junio 11, 2017
Thank you, for you have opened the doors of happiness and love. I found my husband here and we got engaged thanks to god. I hope that you will be rewarded by your work and may God bless you.
Success story from Morocco
junio 11, 2017
Thanks to the buzzarab team because finally I met my life partner I am very happy.
success story from Morocco
junio 10, 2017
Thanks to this fabulous website because it allowed me to find a good woman and who is adequate to me. Good luck to all of you.
Success story from egypt
junio 09, 2017
Good evening to you, Please remove my account as I found my ideal woman.
success story from Morocco
junio 01, 2017
Thank you to all the teams who organize this site I thank you a lot as I met my dear husband from italy cordially
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